DeliSpace v0.5.1 – Ready for a challenge?


Are you ready for even more challenges? The demo features 3 achievements and an ingame gallery (so you can earn them even when playing on Nintendo Switch) just to give you a taste. Many more will be available in the full release.

Achievement Popup

No more pinging – clear playable area

You no longer need to manually ping the surrounding bacons. The no-signal-zone will be automatically displayed when you will get near it.

A hatched zone appears as the spaceship aproaches the border of flyable space

Join the discord if you want to help shape the game!

Full Changelog

– Achievements gallery
– Few demo achievements

– Made asteroid belt a little wider
– Showing out of signal zone when near it
– Less noise near “no signal” zones

– Pinging

– Discord invite
– More detailed asteroid collision boxes
– No packages overlapping in exams

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