Worst leg break in MMA history? Be the judge, if you have the stomach to watch

We’ve seen some nasty leg breaks over the course of MMA history. Anderson Silva, Conor McGregor and Chris Weidman all come to mind from the UFC, but this might be more gruesome than them all.

An amateur bout on Saturday’s Full Contact Fighting Federation “Rumble at the Roseland 120” event at Roseland Theater in Portland ended in disaster when JR Bunn snapped his leg in frightening fashion in his 130-pound matchup with Jason Shaner.

Bunn came out of the gate throwing heavy high kicks and low kicks. He threw a powerful right leg kick that was checked by Shaner, and the shin snapped. Bunn tries to step back and instantly collapsed to the canvas, where the fight was waved off moments after it began.

UFC bantamweight Ricky Simon was in attendance at the event and captured the final sequence, which you can watch below at your own peril (via X):

It’s never nice to see a fighter sustain this kind of injury, but it’s even more unfortunate for Bunn, who is just getting his career started after winning his amateur debut in February with a 24-second TKO win.

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie