Who is Bambie Thug? Meet Bambie Ray Robinson: Ireland’s Eurovision 2024’s Doomsday Blue non-binary ‘demonic’ witch act

BAMBIE Thug lit up Eurovision with their energetic “ouija-pop” performance, having described themselves as “demonic” and a “witch”.

The gothic singer represented Ireland in the famous Song Contest — here’s everything you need to know.

Bambie Thug represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest


Bambie Thug represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song ContestCredit: Splash

Who is Bambie Thug?

Bambie Thug is a singer who hails from Cork, Ireland.

The star has used the term “ouija-pop” to describe their music, and also called themselves a “demonic” witch act.

In a 2023 interview with The Irish Mirror, Bambie Thug said: “My stuff is hyperpunk avant electro-pop.

“We call it grit pop or rot but recently I’ve been coining the term ‘ouija-pop’.”

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Bambie Thug’s Eurovision song Doomsday Blue involves some very hard hitting lyrics, such as: “I speak to destroy, the feelings I have, I cannot avoid, through twisted tongues, a hex deployed on you.”

When asked what the Doomsday Blue lyrics meant, they told The Irish Sun: “I want to get rid of, in my own world view, but also in the world view, outside things like transphobia or people having suffered sexual assault.

“Just anything negative that has affected me. Trying to curse it out of me.”

After shooting to fame with their debut single Birthday in 2021, Bambie Thug has gone on to play big festivals like Download, and Brighton‘s The Great Escape.

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And in a further twist to an already chaotic build-up to the grand finale, Bambie Thug missed their Eurovision final dress rehearsal on May 11 after a “situation” while waiting to go on stage.

They took to social media to update fans who had gathered to see them at the Malmo arena, writing on Instagram: “There was a situation while we were waiting to go to stage for the flag parade rehearsal which I felt needed urgent attention from the EBU.

“The EBU have taken this matter seriously and we have been in a discussion about what action needs to be taken.

“This means I have missed my dress rehearsal.

“I am really sorry to the fans that have come to see me. I hope to see you on the stage tonight.”

The news came after controversial Dutch Eurovision act Joost Klein was axed from the competition on May 11.

Police are investigating an “incident” reported by a female member of the production crew.

The star was banned from the contest in Malmo, Sweden, after multiple complaints and bullying claims.

What is Bambie Thug’s real name?

Bambie Thug’s real name is Bambie Ray Robinson.

They were born in 1993 and grew up in Cork.

Moment Bambie Thug celebrates becoming first Irish Eurovision entrant since 2018 to qualify for final

Their mother is Irish and their father is Swedish, and they have three sisters.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror about their childhood, they said: “Growing up in a small place, the furthest I would go was to say I was different.

“I definitely wanted the spotlight.

“I wanted to assert myself, but the closest I got was wearing brown clothes with pink tights.

It’s important if we are going to be breaking [through] so that younger kids and teens listening to our music, and looking up to us, aren’t fed this negative behaviour.

Bambie Thug

“I don’t think it was until I moved away, and I came out that I really took agency over myself.

They went on: “I moved to London when I was twenty and that’s when I really felt I became myself.

“But learning to stand strong within yourself in the face of everyone else is a constant learning.”

Bambie Thug is proving popular with Eurovision fans


Bambie Thug is proving popular with Eurovision fansCredit: Getty

What are Bambie Thug’s pronouns?

Bambie Thug identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them.

They previously stated they wanted to be a “good role model” in the music world.

In an interview with the Gay Times they said: “We need to parade healthy behaviour.

“It’s important if we are going to be breaking [through] so that younger kids and teens listening to our music, and looking up to us, aren’t fed this negative behaviour.”

Bambie Thug performed their song Doomsday Blue at Eurovision


Bambie Thug performed their song Doomsday Blue at EurovisionCredit: PA

Did Ireland get through Eurovision 2024?

Before Bambie Thug came along, Ireland hadn’t qualified for the Eurovision final since 2018.

But those six years of hurt came to an end on May 7, 2024, when they won a place in the event’s showpiece after taking part in the semi-final.

They were such a hit, that fans started the hashtag #CrownTheWitch, as they championed the singer to win Eurovision.

Bambie Thug was picked to represent Ireland in the Eurovision semi-finals after winning the Late Late Eurosong contest in January 2024.

In Ireland’s best result in nearly 25 years, Bambie Thug finished in sixth place in the grand final of the competition with an impressive 278 points.

How to watch Eurovision 2024

Eurovision Song Contest final is on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

The action kicks off from 8pm on BBC One and the BBC iPlayer.

If you miss the big night, fear not, you can catch the whole show on BBC iPlayer — it is available on the platform for 11 months from May 12.


For 2024, Sweden is doing the hosting honours after singer Loreen notched up her second Eurovision win with Tattoo in 2023.

Popular presenter Graham Norton once again reprises his role of Eurovision commentator.

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