Sunday with Micah Richards: ‘Body lotion is imperative for the modern-day man’

Wake-up time? If I’m working on the football I’ll be up at 6.30am and straight into the gym. I prefer training on an empty stomach, so I tend not to eat breakfast. I’ll have a bottle of water or a protein shake.

Sunday morning? I’ll slip into a tracksuit and jump on the train from my home in Harrogate down to London for work. Once I’ve checked into my hotel, my barber comes to sharpen me up with a trim. It’s ingrained in me to look smart on the Lord’s Day, so I’ll put on a suit, shirt and tie.

Sunday lunch? I’ll eat at half-time in the first game, usually fish or steak. The quality of food depends on the stadium. Spurs is the crème de la crème. Man City go out of their way to look after me. Anfield’s also great. The pies at Burnley are absolutely magnificent.

Sunday night? Once we’re off-air at 7.30pm, the world’s my oyster. I’ll meet up with Jamie Redknapp or Daniel Sturridge for a nice meal. I’ll have a glass of red wine, then a negroni as a nightcap. My mind’s always racing after work, so I’ll unwind with a box set.

Shower or bath? Urgh, I hate baths! Sitting in dirty water? No thanks. I’ll have a proper scrub in the shower with Laura Mercier body wash and an old-school bar of Dove soap, then apply Kiehl’s body lotion. It’s imperative for the modern-day man.

Childhood Sundays? My mum would try to get us to church, but I’d wriggle out of it and play football all day in Potternewton Park, Leeds. My parents are from St Kitts and Nevis, so we’d have a Caribbean feast: jerk chicken, rice and peas, macaroni cheese, coleslaw, maybe some oxtail and chicken patties. A huge spread for about 20 people. Madness.

If you could be anywhere next Sunday? Florence. Since playing for Fiorentina, I kid myself I’m Italian. The people, weather, food, culture – I love everything about it.

Love or hate Sundays? It’s my best day. Working on Sky’s Super Sunday feels like being in the dressing room again. And sometimes I get to spend the day with Roy Keane. What’s not to love?

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