My laundry hack removes set-in grease stains – a $6 buy works like magic, it cleans oil off my clothes 100% of the time

A FRUGAL laundry fan has shared a tip that removes stubborn grease stains.

An affordable $6 hack helps remove set-in stains from their clothes.

A Redditor shared their go-to hack that removes set-in stains from clothes (Stock photo)


A Redditor shared their go-to hack that removes set-in stains from clothes (Stock photo)Credit: Getty

Redditor GenJonesRockRider shared the cleaning hack in a viral post.

They called the method “magic” and explained that it’s worked wonders for their set-in grease stains.

After discovering the trick, they revealed that they had a 100% success rate on what they thought were ruined clothes.

“One hundred percent of set-in grease stains come out of my clothes with this method,” they said.

The secret, they revealed, is WD-40’s $6 Multi-Purpose Lubricant Spray.

The application technique, they added, matters in the stain removal effectiveness.

“Put a sheet of plastic or cardboard between the side of the clothes being treated and its opposite side so the treatment won’t soak through,” they explained.

“Apply WD-40 to the grease-stained area. Not too much because it will bleed and spread.

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“For larger stains, I use the spray can, but for smaller ones, you can use a WD-40 stick,” they added.

After letting the product work for 15 minutes, they then applied Shout stain remover.

I’m a laundry whizz and swear by £1.50 buy to remove stains from clothes and it’s a game-changer for light summer outfits

“Wait 15 minutes more and wash on cold.

They recommend trying the hack again when the stain hasn’t been removed from the styles.

“IF some of the stain remains, repeat the process. I usually never need to, though,” they said.

Other experienced laundry-goers shared their favorite methods for easy stain removal.

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“I also find the Dawn Powerwash spray amazing. I’ve seen it get years-old stains out,” said one commenter.

“A drop of dishwasher liquid on the stain before washing usually does the trick as well,” added another.

“Baby powder or cornstarch will also work wonders for lifting grease stains. Douse the spot with powder, leave for a while, then shake out and wash,” said a third.

The trick, they added, is to air dry the clothes.

“Do not put in the dryer until the grease stain is out! The heat will set the stain in. Repeat until [the] stain disappears,” they said.


One amused viewer joked that though the trick seemed a little backward, they’d seen similar tactics before.

“This is like the clothing equivalent of writing over a permanent marker with an erase marker to remove it,” they quipped.

They use WD-40's Multi-Use Lubricant Spray and Shout stain remover to degrease their clothes


They use WD-40’s Multi-Use Lubricant Spray and Shout stain remover to degrease their clothesCredit: Walmart

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