MuPo #2 – Music & Game Design

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For this week’s post, we want to discuss the Game Design and its relation to the Music of MuPo, as well as give some insight to the level progression and Game Flow of this game.

As mentioned previously, MuPo is a rhythm game, and its songs will be made by the us, with special care as to obey the Game Design and still help give this project a distinctive score and unique listening experience.

Game Systems
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Piano Instrument Game System

The Game Systems of each instrument in MuPo is very similar to one another with a few exceptions: The Drums Instrument can only have a Sequence Complexity of 1 or 2 Inputs, and the Piano Instrument has the possibility of a note playing for a certain duration.

This is taken into consideration when creating the Game Flow of MuPo, even though they appear to share the same difficulties, due to the inherent complexity of each instrument, they rank differently in the Easy to Hard scale.

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MuPo Game Flow

It is also worth mentioning the Signs & Feedback of MuPo when playing a song. Hitting a correct note will play the corresponding sound, missing a note will play no sound and hitting an incorrect note will play the incorrect sound, the audience listening to the performance and the Mupos themselves will react to the notes being played.

We wish you a good week and look forward to next week’s post where we will talk about the Programming of MuPo and all of the groundwork that had to be laid before taking in such a tremendous task.

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