Martin Lewis issues warning to anyone who’s been divorced as simple blunder could see your ex get ALL of your pension

MARTIN Lewis has issued a warning to anyone who has been divorced – as a simple blunder could see your ex get all of your pension.

The Money Saving Expert said it can be a “nightmare” if you make the common mistake.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has issued a pensions warning to divorcees


Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has issued a pensions warning to divorceesCredit: Rex

Posting on Twitter, he said you can’t leave your pension savings in your will.

If you die before taking your private pension, your provider will decide what to do with it.

Martin urged divorcees to send their provider an “expression of wishes”.

He said: “An expression of wishes or nomination form tells them your preference.

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“Fill one in – your provider should have them. If you have but it was years ago, check it’s up to date.”

Martin told how one Brit’s ex-husband was still on her nomination form when she died.

Her family had to contest the form in what a colleague of the woman called a “nightmare for all involved”.

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Your pension rights in death explained

Passing on pension money after you die is called “death benefits”.

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Check the documents on any workplace or private pensions you have and see what death benefits they offer.

Many pensions will either give your spouse or other heir a lump sum or let them inherit the remaining pension after you die.

Spouses and civil partners may also be able to inherit some of your state pension payments after you die.

It’s not paid automatically, they have to make a claim for the Additional State Pension.

The rules depend on whether the person who died reached the state pension age before April 2016 or afterwards.

But typically any money your spouse is entitled to is added onto their state pension when they start receiving it.

If your spouse or civil partner remarries, they could lose the right to inherit your pension.

But whatever your scenario, you can check out what you’re entitled to on the government website.

Martin Lewis previously warned that solicitor-drafted wills are the “gold standard“, and you should aim to do your will this way where possible.

If you die without a will, the state rather than you or your family will decide where your assets go.

Of course, to decide where you want money to go yourself, you’ll need to write a will.

Do note that if you get married in England and Wales, if you’ve made a will before that point, you’ll need to make another one.

Martin Lewis also suggest rewriting your will if your circumstances change, like if you split up from a partner.

You can get a free will if you book for an appointment this month at – but you’ll need to be aged 55 or above.


There’s also Free Wills October which can be accessible at different locations, including:

  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Essex
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • London
  • Newcastle

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