I’m 25 weeks pregnant & was fat shamed by my nurse practitioner – she even slammed me for my weight gain

A NURSE practitioner is someone that many pregnant women feel like they can go to for emotional support and advice.

But one 30-year-old woman, who is 25 weeks pregnant, has told how she got anything but a helping hand from the professional during a recent checkup.

A pregnant woman has told how she was fat-shamed by her nurse practitioner


A pregnant woman has told how she was fat-shamed by her nurse practitionerCredit: Getty

In a thread shared to Reddit, the mum-to-be, who is 5’5, explained how she weighed 140lb prior to falling pregnant and is now 168lbs.

Speaking of the nurse practitioner‘s reaction to her weight gain, the woman wrote: “She seemed really eager to point out that the last time I had an appointment, I was 160 pounds and in a month I had gained “10lbs”, when in reality it was 8lbs.

“I know it’s rounding up, but it didn’t seem right to say 10 when it was 8.”

The pregnant woman went on to say how she’s already “insecure” about her weight – noting that she “used to be really athletic and into body building.”


However, she added that since falling pregnant she can’t have a pre-workout anymore, and has found it “harder to be motivated to workout.”

She continued: “I’ve gained weight in my butt/hips/thighs and that’s usually where my fat gets stored when my weight fluctuates.”

The woman, who says she felt like it was normal to gain weight there while pregnant, went on to point out that she “doesn’t really have any belly fat” and that her belly is “tight to the touch.”

She added that when she told the nurse practitioner that she walked a mile every day on her break at work, the expert responded with: “That’s not a lot.”

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Hitting back at the unnecessary comment, the frustrated woman vented: “Well no s**t, but it’s better than sitting all day and not walking at all?”

The upset mum-to-be admitted she felt “fat-shamed” and pointed out that she doesn’t drunk fizzy drinks or eat fats food and always chooses healthy snacks.

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It wasn’t long before other pregnant women rushed to the comments section to offer her words of support.

“Seems like a normal weight gain. Bit much to be blunt and weird about,” reassured one.

A second commented: “To the people calling you sensitive, it’s perfectly okay to be sensitive. You are pregnant.

“You are allowed to feel whatever it is you feel. I would’ve straight up asked her if this is something I would need to be concerned about since she’s pointing it out and that way you’d have clarity.”

A third woman who is 35 weeks pregnant told how she’s recently switched doctors because hers wouldn’t stop going on about her 21lb weight gain.

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Meanwhile, a fourth insisted: “You are not being sensitive. The other commenters that said that lack empathy. You have a rude doctor.

“For them to tell you a mile isn’t a lot is rude – it actually is decent for a pregnant person..most pregnant women don’t walk that much a day and work.”

Elsewhere, a further told how she could “relate” to the pregnant woman.

“I was hanging out yesterday and one of my female acquaintances just felt the need to comment, “You’re huge!” out of nowhere. I’m 33 weeks,” she explained.


” I was 138 when I started, now I’m 159.

“I’m not huge. In fact my OB scheduled an extra ultrasound a few weeks ago because I was measuring small. I was so annoyed.”