Derrick Lewis vs. Rodrigo Nascimento full fight video highlights

Watch Derrick Lewis vs. Rodrigo Nascimento full fight video highlights from the UFC St. Louis main event, courtesy of ESPN and other outlets.

Lewis vs. Nascimento took place May 11 at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Derrick Lewis (28-12, 1 no-contest) faced off against Rodrigo Nascimento (11-2, 1 no-contest) in the night’s main event. The fight aired live on ESPN and ESPN+.

Check out Lewis vs. Nascimento highlights below.

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Round 1

Both out in orthodox and Lewis feints a flying knee start but Nascimento sees that and avoids. But right to the action as Lewis comes in swinging and they get inside and clinch.

Lewis drives Nascimento to the fence and looks for a trip! No joy and Nascimento spins it. But Lewis spins him back and trips Nascimento! The Brazilian gets right back up and now he’s looking for a trip. Lewis avoids and pummels, now he’s got the lead against the fence.

Lot of clinch fighting here. Small shots and pummeling. Good head position from Lewis as he keeps Nascimento pinned. Lands a good knee and an elbow. Nascimento lands a knee back. Still fighting in here and Nascimento spins to the outside. Lewis with a strong underhook though and breaks to space.

Nascimento feinting and inching forward. Lewis flashing the big right. Misses a head kick but does land a good right. Nascimento comes in and clinches. Lewis lands another right in close but Nascimento staying in tight and he grabs the body and spins Lewis to the floor with a trip.

Nascimento in top half and landing some solid shots. Lewis against the fence and waiting for his moment to explode. But Nascimento staying very heavy and landing some solid right hands here. And lefts to the body. Good elbow. Lewis trying to create space and use the cage to stand. Nascimento keeps putting shots on though and Nascimento moves to mount. Then moves to the other half, taking the fence away from Lewis.

Lewis just laying here and Nascimento’s offense is slowing. Nascimento moves to mount as I type that though. Bad move. Lewis immediately hits a Y escape and reverses. Now he’s on top in half guard. Short time though and Nascimento tying up. Lewis seems OK with that but he postures with a few seconds left and lands a small pair of shots.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Nascimento.

Round 2

Lewis’s corner tells him to stop clinching. They want space every time Nascimento tries to grab him. Lewis seems OK with the cardio. That’s been a focus for him. Let’s see if it holds up. Nascimento looks fresh.

Lewis lands a glancing left to start the round. Nascimento slowly backing him up to the fence, waiting for his moment to get inside.

And he gets clubbed coming in. Lewis lands a good right hand that gets Nascimento backing up and covering. Lewis gives chase and then clinches. Nascimento looking to tie up here as his corner shouts to get to space.

He does not and we’re here for awhile. Nascimento finally tries a trip but Lewis shucks him off. Nascimento right back with pressure but Lewis lands a good right. Nascimento eats it will though and clinches. Lewis spins him to the cage though. Grueling fight taking place.

Back to space and now Lewis is unloading. Big power shots. Nascimento covering up and survives and gets to the clinch. More infighting and then a break and Lewis lands a big elbow. Another big shot but Nascimento eats it well again. And we clinch and as Lewis goes for a clinch, Nascimento skirts it and finds his way to the back!

Both men seem real tired now and Nascimento is just holding this backpack. Lewis seems comfortable waiting out the final minute if Nascimento will allow. Lewis rolls his back to the mat and gets a guard in. 30 seconds and Nascimento in top half. And he goes to work with some good elbows!

Not enough time to do too much but Nascimento lands a few more solid shots to end the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Lewis, 19-19 overall.

Round 3

Lewis’s corner is adamant to stop the clinching. They say they’re hurting him every time and just need to focus on that. We’ll see if Lewis follows that advice.

Both men breathing a little heavier to start this round. Third round Derrick Lewis is a mythical creature though.

Lewis with a switch jumping kick to lead the round. Nascimento keeps inching forward for the takedown and lands a good right hand.



And off come the shorts! Lewis does his normal celebration then takes the pants off and twirls them around his head.

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