How To Watch A24’s ‘The Iron Claw’ Starring Zac Efron On Streaming

Jeremy Allen White and especially Zac Efron went to town during their physical prep work for The Iron Claw, which led to plenty of thirst tweets and high praise from Adele on the acting front. Lily James and Harris Dickinson also made impressions for their roles within the tragic Von Erich family, and although this film got snubbed by the Oscars, the acting performances still received audience accolades.

Is this a pleasant watch? Not exactly, given the history of the Von Erich family, which left the survivors absolutely shattered. Yet the movie is still a mesmerizing watch, and if you didn’t catch the A24 project in theaters, then you have plenty of time to watch it at home.

Where Can You Watch ‘The Iron Claw’ on Streaming?

A24’s streaming agreement with Max mean that the Warner Bros. Discovery streaming service is the place where you can watch the movie as part of a subscription package. Additionally, you can check the movie out in VOD format, but for the monthly price of a Max subscription (currently with $9.99, $15.99, and $19.99 packages), you can also check out the other A24 movies when they land on streaming in addition to the extensive Max TV and film catalogue and new arrivals.

So, go stream to your “iron” heart’s content, but be ready to shed a few tears.

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