Tesco confirms Sunday roast essential is AXED from shelves after fans sob ‘it’s been gone for months’

SHOPPERS are gutted after a Sunday roast essential was axed from Tesco’s shelves.

A customer asked the major supermarket chain why it had stopped selling the item, pointing out she’d been unable to locate it in her store for months.

Tesco confirmed they discontinued the item on X


Tesco confirmed they discontinued the item on XCredit: AFP

“Why have you stopped selling roast potato seasoning?” she asked.

“Not been available for months at my local store.”

Unfortunately for them, Tesco replied to say that they were no longer selling the product.

The major retailer regularly updates the range of items that they sell to meet the customer needs, Tesco claims.

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This is not the first item the British chain has taken off the shelves to the dismay of shoppers.

Tesco confirmed they would no longer be selling the fan-favourite prawn shells.

This led to customers taking to X, formerly Twitter, to ask where the salty snack had gone.

“Can you bring them back please I miss them,” said a user.

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The crips had been a hit with shoppers with some saying they tasted better than Skips – similar crisps made by leading brands.

One shopper cried: “They were so much better than skips, I’ve been looking for them coming back into Tesco.”

Supermarkets often switch up their products depending on the time of the year or seasonal celebrations.

Savvy shoppers can usually pick out a good deal around Christmas and Easter time.

Major retailers often offer big discounts on old stock they are looking to get rid of.

Fast-food restaurants similarly switch up their menus to keep customers guessing.

Mcdonald’s launched its new menu for Spring and along with some new items, some old favourites are also making a return.

Among the new items in the range is the brand new Lotus Biscoff Frappe which has already proven to be a big hit with fans.

However, this can mean people’s favourite items are at risk of getting axed off the menu.

Discontinued Items

  • Finest salted caramel liqueur – Tesco
  • Tooty Frooties – Nestlé
  • Calippo Shots – Callippo
  • Pepsi Max Raspberry – Pepsi
  • Echo milk and white chocolate – Fox’s
  • Campino sweets – Campino
  • Prawn Shells – Tesco
  • Breakfast Bagels – McDonalds
  • Breakfast Wraps – Mcdonalds
  • Cadbury’s Dream bar – Cadbury
  • Mexican Fiery Sweet Chipotle Sensations – Walkers