Azealia Banks Calls Kendrick Lamar a ‘Nepo Baby’ and More of Her Outrageous Online Rants Over the Years

Azealia Banks, left; Erykah Badu.

Azealia Banks, left; Erykah Badu.
Photo: Jason Mendez/Andreas Rentz for GQ (Getty Images)

Back in 2015, when Banks admitted to trying and (presumably failing) to get into Banks’ music, this prompted the “212″ artist to call the “Didn’t Cha Know” singer jealous and old, writing in a series of tweets: “When artists grow old and begin to recognize their own mortality they throw shade at younger spirits. We see it happen all the time. Whether or not you like me…you are watching and that’s what’s most important.”


A year later, when an online user suggested they ought to be friends due to them both being “misunderstood queens”—Banks suggested that that’s the reason why they won’t and don’t get along.

“That’s why she’s hating on my in the first place. She wants to be the only one in hip-hop kicking knowledge,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

This, in turn, surprisingly prompted Badu to apologize:

“@AZEALIABANKS sis. 1 thing I know 4sho about YOU is that you r an advocate 4 your folks. For that I humbly apologize,” Badu said.

In yet another surprising turn, Banks did an about face as well and squashed their beef in a series of tweets.

“Ok I accept, and unblocked. I grew up on your music and you got my mother thru lots of heartbreak and pain,” she began. “@fatbellybella was very taken aback and hurt when u threw me shade. I’m glad it’s over now. My mother will be happy about this. @fatbellybella and i apologize for all the stupid things I said in response. I honestly look up to you and think your incredible.