‘Hotel Cocaine’ Season 1: Everything To Know About The Crime Thriller Series Revolving Around The ‘Casablanca On Cocaine’

Netflix’s Narcos (and Narcos: Mexico) inspired streaming services to answer with comparable shows including Amazon’s ZeroZeroZero, and now Amazon MGM Studios Distribution will be instrumental in rolling out an upcoming MGM+ project, Hotel Cocaine.

The series stars Danny Pino (Mayans M.C., Law & Order: SVU), who knows a little something about portraying a non-caricature version of a figure who is neck-deep in illegal dealings. Let’s discuss what we can expect behind the glitz and glamour in this look at the 1970s/1980s Miami’s cocaine scene.


Hotel Cocaine is an 8-episode crime thriller story that revolves around the notorious Mutiny Hotel in Miami, Florida. Pino will step into view as Roman Compte, the hotel’s general manager and a Cuban exile, and accompanying him will be Yul Vasquez (Severance, The Outsider) as Roman’s brother, Nestor Cabal, who supplied an unknown number of cocaine buttloads to the partiers of Miami. Will we see some sort of Griselda Blanco appearance? There’s been no word yet on that front, but expect plenty of intervening parties to make their presences known including a shady customs agent or few.

The Mutiny Hotel was the real-life destination for a revolving door of rock ‘n’ roll musicians, sports stars, and (yes) narcos of many ranks. Part of the Al Pacino version of Scarface depicted the hotel, although the grounds were replicated elsewhere in the making of that film.

In short, this place has a reputation, and MGM+ has provided a synopsis about the “Casablanca on cocaine,” too:

Hotel Cocaine is the story of Roman Compte (Danny Pino), Cuban exile and general manager of the Mutiny Hotel, the glamorous epicenter of the Miami cocaine scene of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. The Mutiny Hotel was Casablanca on cocaine; a glitzy nightclub, restaurant, and hotel frequented by Florida businessmen and politicians, international narcos, CIA and FBI agents, models, sports stars, and musicians. At the center of it all was Compte, who was doing his best to keep it all going and fulfill his own American Dream.


The cast includes Don Mike (as Mutiny Club maitre’d Omar), Pedro Giunti (as a Nestor henchman), and Lola Claire and Candy Santana as prominent Mutiny Girls. Other roles shall be filled by Matthew Del Negro, Victor Oliveira, Robert Beck, and Sam Robards.

Release Date

Hotel Cocaine debuts on June 16 over at MGM+ and runs through August 9.


Let the good times and 1970s bad fashion roll.

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