Far From Sight Devlog #2| Game Title and Logo Reveal!

Devlog #2| Game Title and Logo Reveal!

Good to be here again Indie DB community!

Welcome to our second article where we will talk about our game Far From Sight, now in development.

Far From Sight (Previously Project Eye) is a game that tells a story of a person that suffers from scopophobia that escaped from society eyes and choose to be a forest ranger and live in a cabin in the woods all by himself. After a normal day of work, the oppressing feeling of being watched by someone or something wakes him up in the middle of the night.

Far From Sight

Project Eye is our 3D Game Project a Single-player 3D First-Person game with a horror setting and a PS1 graphical style and is ready to enter pre-production!

Far From Sight Logo


FFSLogoW 1


We plan to steadly publish a new article every week from now on!

Next week we will have more to share with you!

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