Draymond Green Thinks Adam Silver Is ‘Gonna Have A Problem On His Hands’ With Patrick Beverley

The NBA is going to take a look at everything that went on with Patrick Beverley in the aftermath of the Milwaukee Bucks’ season coming to an end on Thursday night in Indiana after a loss to the Pacers. Beverley threw a basketball twice at a fan in the stands — allegedly because the fan screamed “Cancun on 3” — and in the locker room after the game, he refused to speak with ESPN producer Malinda Adams because she does not subscribe to his podcast.

Emotions run really high after you get eliminated from the playoffs, but it’s pretty universally believed that Beverley crossed a line here — he presumably did not know about the later incident at the time, but Charles Barkley called for a suspension due to the run-in with the fan. And on the most recent episode of his podcast, Draymond Green expressed his belief that this is going to be a tough situation for Adam Silver to navigate.

“Pat keeps having these instances after they lose in these playoff games — that one might’ve been crazier than the [Chris Paul] push,” Green said. “Because it opens up an entirely different can of worms. Adam’s gonna have a problem on his hands with this one, because it’s about as close as you can get to going in the stands. That is forbidden for us.”

Green then expressed his belief that Beverley handled the situation with Adams poorly, in large part because he wants to try and take the opposite approach because he appreciates the way the NBA supports podcasts within its ecosystem. He then addressed Beverley directly and essentially told him to chill out.

“Pat, you can’t keep having these moments, man, at the end of these losses,” Green said. “You’re starting to look like the kid that’s gonna grab the ball and say, ‘I’m going home, I can’t play, we’re outta here, we’re leaving the park, it’s my ball.’ Come on, Pat.”