Did Mariah the Scientist Wind Up in Cuffs For a Senseless Assault?

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Who knew this R&B artist could get violent?

On Wednesday night, Mariah the Scientist was arrested after a woman claimed that the talented Atlanta singer assaulted her for no reason at all, according to TMZ.

She was taken in on a simple battery charge and was released on bond later that day.


The woman who made the accusation, Cleopatra Dues, went to Atlanta police on Monday and said that she was attacked by Mariah the day before at a kitchen and cocktail lounge.

She alleges that Mariah ripped off the wig off her head and dragged her across across the bar. Dues claims that the altercation caused injuries to her legs.


Like everything these days, the altercation was allegedly caught on video by bystanders. But it still has not been confirmed if Mariahh is one of the women in the clip fighting.



According to TMZ, Dues, who is a Staten Island rapper, did not know why Mariah attacked her and said that she had no previous run-ins with the singer prior to this one. She plans on pursuing charges.

Mariah the Scientist, born Mariah Amani Buckles, is also the girlfriend of Young Thug, who is still facing RICO charges in the now infamous YSL case.


Despite the serious charges her man is facing, she has no plans of just leaving him while he is behind bars. In an interview with Angela Yee on “Way Up With Angela Yee” she said, “It’s almost like jail solidified our relationship. I’m willing to wait it out because I feel like he’s the one. If I didn’t really see that in him, I probably wouldn’t. In the beginning, he was like, ‘I don’t know how long this is going to take so if you just want to go on.’ And I was like, ‘I’m not going to do that.’ He’s the one.”