TV tonight: two become three in an explosive new dating show

Love Triangle

10pm, Channel 4

For singletons fed up with dating apps, the obvious next choice is to take part in this new dating show in which contestants have 48 hours to get to know two dates over text, choose one to match with and then live with them for a while. But that’s not all! Along the way, the dumped date can get back in touch – and two become three, as they all continue to date and, well, argue a lot. It’s messy, explosive and highly entertaining. Hollie Richardson

For the Love of Dogs With Alison Hammond

8pm, ITV1

Even when she’s rolling her sleeves up at Battersea, Alison Hammond is a feelgood tornado of pure magic. That doesn’t mean, though, that you won’t shed a tear for the mistreated dogs in this week’s episode – especially the sickly lurcher found abandoned in a cemetery, of all places. Kayleigh Dray

Changing Ends

8.30pm, ITV1

Oliver Savell as the young Alan Carr in Changing Ends. Photograph: Ollie Upton/ITV

It’s the first day at big school for little Alan Carr, in this episode of the comedian’s semi-autobiographical sitcom. That’s tough even when your dad (Shaun Dooley) isn’t the failing manager of the local football club, so “sensitive” Alan struggles to make friends. Unless you count gossiping with the dinner ladies? Ellen E Jones

Glitter: The Popstar Paedophile

9pm, ITV1

It isn’t a case that many people will feel like revisiting. But this feature-length documentary adds personal context to the story of the predatory pop performer Gary Glitter by including testimony from victims who have never previously spoken publicly about their experiences. Unavoidably grim, but an important platform for the abused. Phil Harrison

Michael Palin in Nigeria

9pm, Channel 5

Into his 80s, Palin is still effortlessly the best in the travelogue business. This leg of his latest journey, moving south through northern Nigeria, takes in religious divides, colonial legacies and the discomfiting uniformity of the administrative capital, Abuja – all observed with genial acuity. Jack Seale

Catch Me a Killer

9pm, Alibi

“This is a warning sign … the tip of a somewhat unpleasant iceberg.” So forensic psychologist Micki Pistorius (Charlotte Hope) is told by her GP, following her panic attacks. No time to rest, however: several bodies have been discovered in a sugar cane field – and one of the victim’s sisters thinks she’s seen the killer’s face. Ali Catterall

Film choice

Battle with the bottle … David Farrar and Kathleen Byron in The Small Back Room. Photograph: Ronald Granr

The Small Back Room (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, 1949), 1.35pm, Talking Pictures TV
After the Technicolor splendour of The Red Shoes, Powell and Pressburger produced this smaller but no less dramatic war film. It’s 1943, and the “back room” is where a weapons research department lives, with David Farrar’s Sammy its resident genius. He’s also an alcoholic in constant pain since his foot was amputated – and only the love of secretary Susan (Kathleen Byron) keeps him from collapsing into depression. With a bomb defusal scene as tense as anything in The Hurt Locker, and even the most minor character fully realised, it’s a mature, gripping work. Simon Wardell

Live sport

Premier League football: Arsenal v Chelsea, 7pm, TNT Sports 1
From the Emirates Stadium.

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