I’m a dog trainer and a popular breed is the ‘soldier of Satan’ – I’d never recommend it for first-time owners 

A DOG trainer has revealed three pooches he would never recommend for first time owners – including one pet that he described as a “soldier of Satan”.

Adam Spivey shared his list of undesirable dogs via a video posted to his business‘s TikTok account @southenddogtraining.

Adam shared three dogs he does not recommend


Adam shared three dogs he does not recommendCredit: Tiktok/@southenddogtraining1
He said that Cocker Spaniels are hard to "satisfy"


He said that Cocker Spaniels are hard to “satisfy”Credit: Tiktok/@southenddogtraining1
He said Chihuahua's are "Soldiers of Satan"


He said Chihuahua’s are “Soldiers of Satan”Credit: Getty Images – Getty

1.Cocker Spaniel

The first dog breed that Adam said is a no no is a Cocker Spaniel.

He said this breed of dog is “highly intelligent” and is “bred to search”.

Adam revealed that most dog owners won’t be able to “satisfy” a Cocker Spaniel’s needs, and thus, they will constantly be picking up things that they shouldn’t.

2. Shar Pei

Although this dog shares it’s name with our favourite High School Musical character, Adam said that the Shar Pei acts like a “grumpy old man”.

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He said: “These dogs are not motivated by pretty much anything, and they’re just born angry.

The dog trainer added that the dogs are very unhealthy “like an old man”.

Adam said that Shar Pei’s are fine for experienced dog owners, but are “too much dog” for beginners”.

3. Chihuahua

Adam described the Chihuahua as a “soldier of Satan”.

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He shared that the tiny Mexican pooch “is just f***ing angry”.

The dog trainer said that the “diabolical demon” will just “go after everything that moves”.

He said that if owners treat the Chihuahua as if it is a large dog like a Great Dane, they can make good pets.

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However, he said that most first time dog owners baby the tiny pooches, which angers them.

Adam’s video has gone viral, racking up three million views on the video sharing platform.

TikTok users raced to the comments section to share their thoughts, and many disagreed with Adam’s comments.

One person said: “I definitely disagree with the chihuahua.

“It’s the owners treating them like toys that cause their problems. Treat them well and you’ll have a little angel.”

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A second person said: “My chihuahua Peggy Sue is the sweetest wee girl.”

A third added: “My first dog was Cocker Spaniel and she was the most amazing dog, I got so lucky with her”.


A fourth said: “Shar Pei’s can be the most gentle and loving dogs! No anger in my two at all.”

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