Prosecutors indict Patrick Mahome Sr. for felony, third-offense DWI

Patrick Mahomes Sr., the father of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II, has been indicted in Texas on charges of felony DWI.

Mahomes, who played Major League Baseball for more than a decade, was officially charged with third offense DWI last Thursday, via A conviction carries a potential prison sentence of up to 10 years.

The incident happened on February 3. During a routine traffic stop, authorities noticed signs of impairment. He also had an open beer in his center console.

His son declined to address the situation two days later, during Opening Night media availability in advance of Super Bowl LVIII.

Mahomes Sr. has two prior DUI convictions, in 2012 and 2018. After the latter offense, he spent 40 days behind bars.

Most states impose increasingly harsh criminal penalties for successive DUI incidents.

Every case like this should serve as a reminder to anyone who has been drinking and who is tempted to drive. It’s smarter and safer (for yourself and everyone else) to take no chances and get a ride — especially in an age when we all have access to apps that will dispatch a car at the press of a button on our mobile devices.