Dolly covers, Scottish kings and a chocolate surplus – take the Thursday quiz

Someone said that having the clocks change, Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day all in one 35-hour period in the UK made last weekend feel like some kind of season finale. Luckily there is no season finale in sight for the Thursday quiz, which ploughs on regardless of having an hour stolen from it. Fifteen questions on topical news, general knowledge and obscure weirdness await you. It is just for fun, but let us know how you got on in the comments.

The Thursday quiz, No 154

  1. 1.Sainsbury’s has horrified meal deal shoppers in the UK by declaring that what is now considered a main dish?


  2. 2.This is Willow, the official dog of the Guardian Thursday quiz, thinking about how she can’t eat chocolate, even though there is a lot going spare in Orkney. Why?

    Willow, the official dog of the Guardian Thursday quiz

  3. 3.On her new country-tinged album, Cowboy Carter, Beyoncé has covered which of Dolly Parton’s famous songs?


  4. 4.Formula One’s US-based owner, Liberty Media, has announced a takeover of which other sport (not pictured)?

    The Doctor's car Bessie

  5. 5.Speaking of sport, in the Conti Cup final at the weekend the midfielder Frida Maanum collapsed on the field. She recovered enough that she was conscious, stable and talking to medical staff, and the match continued. Maanum’s team went on to win. What team was it?

    Conti Cup

  6. 6.One question about every country taking part in the Euro 2024 finals this summer. This week: Scotland. Who was the monarch of Scotland before Macbeth? They reigned from 1034 to 1040.


  7. 7.Talking of Macbeth, according to the Royal Shakespeare Company, and a witness account by Dr Simon Forman, the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare was first performed in public in which year?

    Portraits of William Shakespeare

  8. 8.In science, a mole contains 6.02214076×10^23 elementary entities, which is an awful lot of elementary entities if you ask the Thursday quiz. What constant is that number known as?


  9. 9.Which Republican-held US state senate has passed a bill banning the government “intentionally dispersing chemicals into the atmosphere”?

    Tinfoil hat

  10. 10.Which UK government minister tried to clarify new legislation by saying “no, people should not be arrested just if they smell”?


  11. 11.Botswana’s president, Mokgweetsi Masisi, has threatened to send what to Germany?

    Mokgweetsi Masisi of Botswana

  12. 12.According to a recent study, song lyrics in modern music are getting …

    A sheet of music

  13. 13.The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has issued a notice to its members warning against the continued use of which photo in academic articles?

    A camera

  14. 14.Thursday quiz favourite Liz Truss added once again to the general gaiety of the nation with her Easter message on social media. She posted a picture of what?

    Liz Truss

  15. 15.Which of these absolute bits of nonsense have the rightwing press and an MP been untruthfully describing as “woke” this week?


If you really do think there has been an egregious error in one of the questions or answers – and can show your working – feel free to email, but remember the quiz master’s word is final and he has no regrets.

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