Who Is Claude Frollo From Doja Cat’s ‘Scarlet’ Deluxe?

Yesterday (April 2), Doja Cat unveiled the (revealing) album cover for her upcoming Scarlet deluxe edition, titled Scarlet II: Claude Frollo. One question that might immediately bring to mind is:

Who Is Claude Frollo From Doja Cat’s Scarlet Deluxe?

Frollo is the antagonist from the 1831 French novel The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame (and Disney’s The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, the animated 1996 film based on the book). Maybe you recognize the Disney version from this commonly used reaction image.

In a The Therapy Gecko Podcast interview from February, Doja explained why she named the project after the character, saying:

“Because he is like a… is he a tyrant? He’s like a… I feel like it connects to the story of Scarlet in some way. And if you look up his personality traits and who he is and his story, you’ll understand kind of the whole connection. There’s a control aspect, like he just abuses his power and his control and is just dogmatic and is just a total c*nt. And all Esmerelda wanted to do was just be creative and sing and dance, but nasty old Claude Frollo was just having a field day on her, just being awful and a bad guy, stinky man.

And this isn’t about anyone in… there’s not anything very personal happening to me with one person. Claude Frollo doesn’t depict a single person in my life. It’s like a metaphor for the people that creatives endure on a daily basis in a bigger picture, a bigger scale.”