Has Maya Millete been found?

POLICE continue their investigation into the mysterious disappearance of mother Maya Millete after she vanished without a trace from her Chula Vista home in California.

On October 19, 2021, authorities announced that Millete’s husband Larry had been arrested in connection with her death and disappearance.

Maya Millete has been missing since January 2021


Maya Millete has been missing since January 2021Credit: Facebook

Has Maya Millete been found?

The search is still underway for Maya Millete’s remains and police have said it could be hundreds of miles from the family home, according to Daily Mail.

In October 2021, district attorney Summer Stephan said investigators were still actively searching for the location of Millete’s remains.

The announcement came the same day as Millete’s sister, Maricris Drouaillet, made a tearful appeal for help at a press conference.

“I still want to see my sister. I still want her to come home to us,” she said.

“Please, if you know anything at all. Please help us, I’m pleading. I still want her to come home.

“We made a promise to her 11-year-old daughter we will bring her home.

“Let the kids know where their mommy is at. Let them know the truth.”

When was she last seen?

Maya Millete was last seen on January 7, 2021, in her Chula Vista home and was reported missing by her family two days later at 11:18 p.m.

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Her sudden disappearance occurred after she made an appointment with a divorce attorney that same day, according to authorities.

CBS8 News reported that the affidavit says Larry emailed Spellcasters on December 31.

He reportedly said, “Can you hex to have her hurt enough that she will have to depend on me and need my help.

“She’s only nice to me when she needs me or sick. Thanks again. Maybe an accident or broken bone.”

According to authorities, Millete planned to leave her husband and had filed for divorce.

Who is her husband?

Maya’s husband is Larry Millete and the pair have three children together.

Larry was named a person of interest after Maya was reported missing and was arrested for his wife’s murder on October 19, 2021.

At a press conference following Larry’s arrest, DA Stephan said Maya’s husband was incensed that she wanted to end their marriage.

The district attorney also said that Larry even contacted so-called “spell-casters” to try and force Maya to stay with him.

Stephan said, “Larry was trying to hold on to May, and he resorted to contacting what are called ‘spellcasters’. I’ve never had a case where that was involved.

“These spellcasters would be asked to make May want to stay in the relationship.”

Husband Larry Millete was arrested on October 19, 2021, amid accusations that he 'tried to cast a spell on her'


Husband Larry Millete was arrested on October 19, 2021, amid accusations that he ‘tried to cast a spell on her’Credit: Family handout

She added, “But as December of 2020 came, those messages to spellcasters were a lot more threatening.

“He was asking for May to become incapacitated, for May to be in an accident, to have broken bones so that she could stay at home, thus displaying his homicidal ideations to harm May.”

A source close to Larry told Fox News in April that Larry believed Maya was having an affair with another man and spoke frequently about paying someone $20,000 to kill her alleged lover.

The witness, who wasn’t named, said Larry seemed “pretty serious” about the murderous plot and allegedly began concocting the plan last summer.

The source claimed Larry spoke about the murder-for-hire plot on several separate occasions, including as recently as January 4, 2021 – just days before Maya vanished without a trace.

Larry pleaded not guilty to the charges in his initial court appearance and will remain in police custody until his trial begins.

NBC 7 reports that the beginning of the trial was pushed to January 6, 2025.

On April 2, 2024, a judge granted the defense’s request to delay the start of the trial.

Where can I watch the 48 Hours special?

The 48 Hours special, Searching for Maya Millete, aired on February 19, 2022, at 10 p.m. EST on CBS and Paramount+.

In the special, new interviews and evidence from the leadup to her disappearance came to light.

The episode features interviews with Millete’s friends, her sister, and her brother-in-law.

Maricris says in the trailer when she and her husband last heard from Millete she was planning her daughter’s birthday party but when Millete didn’t reach out, her sister said she found that to be unusual.


She and her husband went to the home which she claims was in disarray and Millete’s husband Larry seemed unconcerned with his wife’s whereabouts.

48 Hours discusses the investigation into Millete’s disappearance which uncovered a query Larry made to a witchcraft website that focuses on spellcasting and asked for a spell to seriously injure his wife so she couldn’t leave him.