Drivers plotting to use magnetic leaves to cover number plates to fool ULEZ cameras

ULEZ dodgers are plotting to use a £50 magnetic leaf device to cover their number plates in a bid to fool Sadiq Khan’s emissions zone cameras.

Drivers with motors which fall foul of London’s £12.50 charge have discussed using the tech — which we are not naming — in online forums.

Ulez dodgers are plotting to use £50 magnetic leaf devices to fool Sadiq Khan's cameras


Ulez dodgers are plotting to use £50 magnetic leaf devices to fool Sadiq Khan’s camerasCredit: Alamy

It works by attaching an electromagnet behind the front and rear number plates which hold false fronds in place, obscuring the registration.

Makers say it should be used for film production, not in the “real world”.

But reviews include customers who claim to have saved “£200 in fees” and “avoided at least a dozen tickets”.

Another added: “I am an automotive photo/videographer and often use this to cover some of my clients’ number plates for when we are doing some not-so-safe driving.


“It has really come in handy for me and is super easy and quick to install.”

Obscuring a number plate can land drivers with hefty fines or other legal consequences.

Last year a driver was fined in Surrey after traffic cops spotted a leaf stuck to his untaxed number plate with double-sided tape.

It comes after we revealed anti-Ulez vigilante groups were attaching bat boxes to stop camera technicians fixing them.

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TfL was approached for comment.

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