Circus of TimTim – New Free Update With More Enemies!

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Circus of TIMTIM received a anew update and a new game mode. The new game mode “Nightmare Circus” or “Nightmare Mode” puts you in night time where more puppets will come to life to try and kill you, alongside with more randomized tickets locations for replayability, more scares, more lore and a ton of other new updates to the game.

Watch the trailer here:

[embedded content]

New Update Includes:

– New Nightmare Mode
– New Lore Into The Game
– More Deadly Enemies
– More Randomized Objectives

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Let’s head back in the circus shall we? Circus of TimTim is a Stealth Horror Survival Game about two siblings trying to sneak inside the most hunted carnival of all time to recover lost items with a metal detector device, however enemies are roaming around and they can hear your every step! TimTim is not happy ..