Adam Sandler Really Wants Drew Carey In ‘Happy Gilmore 2’ As A Tribute To Bob Barker

Happy Gilmore will forever be one of Adam Sandler‘s funniest movies, but there’s a small black cloud hanging over the comedy that didn’t used to be there.

In the past year, Carl Weathers (“Just easin’ the tension, baby”), Bob Barker (“Now you’ve had enough… bitch”), and Joe Flaherty (“Jackass!”), all of whom appeared in the 1996 film, have died. With Happy Gilmore 2 in development, Sandler has an idea for how the sequel can pay tribute to the original cast.

“I would love [current The Price is Right host] Drew Carey to be in this movie out of respect to Bob,” he said on The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday, according to Awful Announcing. “When we were writing stuff, Bob was alive. When we were writing stuff, Carl Weathers was alive. When we were writing stuff, Joe Flaherty was alive. It sucks, we love those guys. They were such a big part of the movie and just great people. But we’re going to get them involved somehow. They’ll be involved.”

Sandler also revealed what the bigwigs at Universal Pictures wanted Happy Gilmore to be called: Hole in Fun. This is reason #58,592,487 why art should be made by artists, not guys in suits (unless it’s Paul Feig).

(Via Awful Announcing)