The Sick Wish Fulfillment of “Trump 2028”

This lack of details isn’t surprising. Tonguette is a culture writer, and an accomplished one at that. He writes frequently on a variety of right-of-center websites about books and film and he has published a biography of New Hollywood director Peter Bogdanovich. I do not point out Tonguette’s usual beat to suggest he is unsuited to write about Trump or about contemporary American politics. Quite the opposite, since Donald Trump is a creature of spectacle whose primary medium is sound and screen.

There are many Trump voters who support him for the entertainment value, as Tonguette knows well. Earlier this year, he wrote an article titled “My Mother Loved Donald Trump,” where he reflected on why his own mother, who had recently passed away, had so adored the former president. While his own support for Trump came belatedly, and only after some skepticism, Tonguette noted that his mother backed Trump from the moment he came down the Trump Tower escalator in 2015.

“Even though I was the one who had established himself as a writer in various right-of-center magazines, my mother was the one who first saw the promise and logic of Trump,” he wrote. “Like millions of others—but before me—she recognized his announcement speech at Trump Tower as something almost never seen in our political culture: a man operating under no obligation to any person, party, ideology, or standard of behavior or speech, who was willing to call balls and strikes on the issues of the day, including immigration, trade, what we then called political correctness. “