The PC game releases we’re most excited about in April

Just as spring weather starts to brighten up the Northern Hemisphere, we’re confronted with a bunch of new reasons to stay inside. Among other things, April includes the release of Steam’s second most-wishlisted game—medieval city builder Manor Lords—as well as the full first season of Amazon’s Fallout show.

Find more on those happenings below, along with the other big PC games releasing this month and a list of notable events. 

For a more zoomed-out view of what’s coming out on PC this year, see our big list of 2024’s upcoming PC games. May is looking juicy, too, with Abiotic Factor, Indika, Homeworld 3, and more.

April’s big PC release dates

April events and happenings

More games releasing in April

  • April 3 — Planetiles – Globe-based puzzle game (Steam)
  • April 5 — Sons of Valhalla – Looks like Kingdom, but vikings (Steam)
  • April 9 — Botany Manor – 19th century gardening (Steam)
  • April 9 — Children of the Sun – sniping puzzle game (Steam)
  • April 10 — Space Prison (Early Access) – alien prison tactics RPG (Steam)
  • April 23 — Rumble Club – arena combat party game (Steam)
  • April 23 — Tales of Kenzera: Zau – mythological metroidvania (Steam)
  • April 23 — Phantom Fury – Old-school shooter (Steam)
  • April 24 — Oddsparks (Early Access) – fantasy automation game (Steam)
  • April 25 — Another Crab’s Treasure – crab soulslike (Steam)
  • April 25 — Sand Land – ARPG based on Toriyama manga (Steam)
  • April 26 — Pools – liminal spaces exploration (Steam)
  • April 29 — Echoes of the Plum Grove – cozy farming (Steam)