Pokémon has just revealed a limited-time event with a new difficult to grab ‘mon

POKÉMON is launching a new limited-time event that will help Scarlet & Violet players grab a new super strong ‘mon.

Available for only two weekends, players will have to participate in a very difficult raid if they want to snag theirs.

Meganium will be the next target of seven-star raids


Meganium will be the next target of seven-star raidsCredit: The Pokémon Company

The next Pokémon seven-star raid event will run over two weekends, giving you just a few days to grab yours.

Starting on Friday, April 5, 2024 until Sunday, April 7, 2024, this will be your first chance to take part.

The second weekend of raids will take place on the weekend after from Friday, April 12, 2024, until Sunday, April 14, 2024.

This raid will feature the Generation 2 starter Meganium, which was only added to the game with the Indigo Disk DLC.

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If you don’t own the DLC, this will be the only way to grab a Meganium without trading with other players.

Meganium will come with the Psychic Tera type, which likely means that it will have the move Zen Headbutt.

As a Grass-type we also expect it to have some heavy hitting Grass-type moves, and perhaps some coverage moves like Weather Ball or Stomping Tantrum.

It also has the ability Leaf Guard, which means that it will likely set up the sun in order to prevent status conditions.

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Seven-star Tera Raids are particularly difficult as the targets of these raids have boosted stats and more moves than the average Pokémon.

They also have access to a Tera Shield, which drastically reduces damage taken by the Pokémon, and prevents most ways of dropping its stats.

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