Now R. Kelly Is Speaking Out About Diddy Allegations

Even though he’s currently locked up, R.Kelly is sharing his thoughts about Diddy and the federal sex trafficking investigation.

Speaking to Wack 100 in a phone call interview last week ( per audio footage that was recently made public), Kelly revealed that he didn’t believe any of the allegations lobbed against the Bad Boy mogul. He also condemned those making fun of the situation, and warned that those very same people could find themselves in peril of their own soon.


“The shit is crazy. Motherfuckers out there laughing and making comedian jokes and doing all the other shit on the radio and everything else, but they ass could be next,” Kelly explained. “That’s what’s so fucked up about it. They so stupid they don’t even realize the moves that’s going on.”


He continued: “That’s why I don’t believe none of this shit. You could tell me about Puffy, you could about anybody in there. You could tell me on the news, the weather, the sky is blue, I’m not gonna believe the shit. ‘Cause I’m in it now, and I know what they did.”


Kelly is the one of the few celebs to speak out about Diddy’s situation in general. Rapper Slim Thug echoed similar sentiments to Kelly, condemning the public for believing that he’s guilty without any official charges being filed.

“We can’t just really go off of he-say, she-say,” Slim began per Vibe. He later said. “Its tough to see so many people want to see him crash out like this. I don’t want to see a Black man who came so far, almost to a billion dollars, fall down. That’s our inspiration. It aint too many of us. They took Kanye down. We losing another billionaire over allegations at this point. Still ain’t no criminal charges.”


He continued on saying Diddy thought that “we would ride or die for him. He thought that the world of Hip-Hop would stay down. This dude is on the list of the worst people in the world right now without no criminal charges.’’

Singer and “Fast & Furious” actor Tyrese also gave his two cents, captioning in the since-deleted post:

“What I can’t do and what I won’t do is downplay the laughter, the fun, the energy, the inspiration, the awards shows, the studio sessions, the most legendary parties and events I’ve ever attended in my life. And I also can’t act as if my high school back yard parties throughout south central LA wasn’t the craziest parties ever because of the Bad Boy on a slew of hit record[s].

I don’t condone nor do I support abuse, bullying, sexual assault or anything that is currently being alleged but what I can’t do is turn the blinds on how much this mean to me and all of us, and what he had done for the community of music and culture.”

“Don’t worry, I’m the only one crazy enough to jump out there and say what most of you want to say but you don’t have the balls to do so. Because it’s very normal for people to be going through a rough patch and we all sit back and make a mockery of it, but I’m not gonna to that.”


The post has since been deleted off his page.

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