N’keady (Final Result)

Hey there! This is the third and final article about N’keady, a three-week project inspired by one of stories of Arzak, by the outstanding Moebius.

Our goal for this project remains the same has mention in the previous articles, which is to represent (as well as we can) Moebius style of storytelling.

In this final week, our team is currently finishing the rest of the art, code, and small details we didn’t do in the last two weeks. Also, we will have the game published on itch.io by the 3rd of April 2024, so go check out our page!

Link for the game: Pekka-men.itch.io

It is important to highlight that this project most likely won’t be updated or modified in any form from the moment of its final release, because it is for university purposes.

With that said, here are some of the results (The game itself will have the colours shown in the last picture):

For those who are going to play it, thank you in advance and let us know what you think of it!

See you soon!