I’m a salon pro and you should avoid a popular trend if your brows are sparse – you’re better off with 2 other methods

A SALON pro has issued some advice about a popular brow treatment.

It doesn’t work for everyone and this beauty method should be avoided if you have sparse brows.

TikTok user Mai Le is an eyebrow pro


TikTok user Mai Le is an eyebrow proCredit: tiktok/mailashbrows
She offered some useful brow tips


She offered some useful brow tipsCredit: tiktok/mailashbrows

But do not despair, there were a couple of methods that could work.

Mai Le (@mailashbrows) shared her brow expertise on TikTok.

In her post, she said brow lamination did not suit every client.


Brow lamination is also known as brow sculpt or brow lift, where wayward eyebrow hairs are trained to go in the same direction.

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“It’s like a perm for your eyebrows, helping to make your brow hair stay straight and brushed up,” was how L’Oreal Paris described it.

It has great results, but three groups should avoid this beauty treatment.


Lamination is not recommended if you have any of the following in the brow areas:

An underlying skin condition, scars, scratches, or burns.

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Clients with sparse brows were not likely to benefit from lamination.

But you could try microblading or powdering instead.

The keratin treatment in the lamination technique works as a growth stimulant on existing hairs.

I started doing a makeup artist’s ‘unnatural’ tip for filling in my brows – it makes a huge difference, it’s all I do_YouTube_Sephora

Therefore, results might be disappointing if you have patchy brows.

But one viewer begged to disagree.

“Well that’s strange because I laminate my brows because they are sparse. It helps so much,” she said.

Should you apply vitamin C to your skin?

Topical Vitamin C has several benefits for skin including hydrating, reducing redness, and hyperpigmentation.

According to Healthline, it may also help to promote collagen production and reduce the appearance of sun damage.

Research shows that it is safe for most skin types but may cause irritation in concentrations above 20%.

Experts recommend doing a patch test on a small skin area and waiting 24 hours to see if there are side effects before applying it to your face.

Discontinue topical use of vitamin C if you experience rashes, redness, or hives. 


At least 48 hours after lamination, the eyebrow area cannot be touched.

Therefore, skincare must also be put on hold, and this might affect clients with an extensive and intensive routine.

Commenters were mixed in their views.

“This is so informative. Great work,” said one person.


But another person had her own method.

“I leave my sparse brows as they are. Microblading looks so bad as it ages. Powder brows look ghastly. I just draw mine on and wash off after,” she said.