I’ll never shut up about my mascara hack – it makes application way smoother and looks so much better too

A BEAUTY fan has shared the mascara hack that they swear by for a clean and easy application, every time.

Their free beauty recommendation makes their mascara smoother and look better on their lashes.

Beauty experts shared a "life-changing" mascara hack


Beauty experts shared a “life-changing” mascara hackCredit: Getty – Contributor

Redditor Deardariacountmein shared their makeup expertise, revealing their go-to beauty tip.

The trick was so good that they felt everyone who wore mascara needed and deserved to know.

“I’ve said it a million times and I’ll probably never shut up about it —warm up your mascara before applying it,” they said.

“The wax in the formula will melt down a bit so the application will be waaaay smoother and look so much better too.”

To heat up their mascara, they simply held the tube against themselves.

“I just use my body temperature for a minute or so and it’s done wonders for me,” they added.

Erica Smith, a makeup expert at Birchbox, called the trick “life-changing.”

She explained that not only does heating up your mascara improve its functionality but also its longevity.

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Those who try the hack can extend the life of their products.

“If your favorite mascara is starting to get clumpy, a little bit of heat can thin the formula back to its desired consistency,” Erica wrote.

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“Make sure the cap is tightly secured and let the tube sit in a glass of hot water for a few minutes.”

Celebrity makeup artist Suzie Kim also swears by the technique for her clients.

The professional revealed that she prefers using a blow dryer or hot water to warm up her products.

“Think of it as spreading warm butter on toast as opposed to hard, cold butter,” she said in an interview.

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll probably never shut up about it —warm up your mascara before applying it!


“It’ll fully coat even the thinnest lashes in the smoothest way possible. It’ll also lengthen without clumping.”

Redditors agreed that the tip revolutionized their makeup game.

“I heat up my lash curler with a hairdryer so that it sets the curl on my very flat lashes,” said one.

“OMG, SAME. Mascara and lash curler go into the bra right away, and stay there the whole time I’m putting my face on,” said another.

“I saw this tip on here about a month ago and I’ve been doing it ever since and it has changed my WORLD!” said a third.


“I am incredibly picky about clumpy eyelashes, to the point that I was using a safety pin to separate each one before I found a metal eyelash comb at Sephora.

“I pop my mascara in my bra now while I’m doing other stuff and it goes on so smooth, a few times I didn’t even brush my lashes out after. Thanks for spreading this tip around!”