Did Kanye West Really Do All of This in Front of His Donda Academy Employees?!

Watching “The Batman” on mute. Plans of installing a jail at Donda Academy. Pretending to “please” himself. Threatening to punch a staffer. Ranting about the greatness of Hitler. Treating white staffers better than his Black staffers.

These are all things Kanye West has been accused of in a new lawsuit from Trevor Phillps, a Black former employee of the controversial rapper.


The 42-page complaint obtained by Rolling Stone gives everyone a peak into what it’s allegedly like to work for the Chicago rapper. Phillips also described moments where he would attempt to go against West’s ridiculous behavior and in response, would be humiliated and harassed in front of others.


More from Rolling Stone:

From the start of his nine-month employment in November 2022, Phillips, who is Black, says it was “immediately apparent” that Ye “treated the Black staff considerably worse than white employees” and would “scream and berate Black employees, while never even as much raising his tone at the white staff.”

Coming on board weeks after Ye’s fallout with Adidas and Gap over his antisemitic remarks, Phillips claims Ye continued to “double down” and make similar statements throughout his employment. Ye also threatened to go after the LGBTQ+ community “next,” according to the suit, because “gay people are controlled by Bill Gates so that they don’t have children for population control.”


Remember when Ye was seen donning a “WHITE LIVES MATTER” t-shirt along with Candace Owens at his Yeezy fashion show? Phillips was hired just shortly after that, and was originally tasked with being a part of the “Vertically Integrated Crew.” But his role continued to change to the point where he started working at Donda Academy, Ye’s (failed) private Christian school.

Along with plans of creating a jail in the school, Phillips also claims that West would spread antisemitic language and other inappropriate remarks in front of other students including that he only dates white women and that he would fire any employees that were fat, according to Rolling Stone.


West’s relationship with Phillips officially turned for the worse in May 2023, after the rapper got mad at the way he tended a garden. Allegedly, in front of a crowd, Ye told Phillops to “get the fuck out of here” and that he was fired.

In an attempt to keep his job, Phillips pleaded with Ye, explaining that his daughter and brother both attended Donda Academy, and that he was dealing with his own medical issues. West allegedly didn’t care and told him, “‘F**k your daughter. I don’t give a fuck about none of that.’”


He also claims in the lawsuit that the rapper later threatened to punch him in the face.

As a result, Phillips is seeking $35,000 for a hostile workplace, discrimination based on race, and “whistleblower retaliation,” according to Rolling Stone.