Andy Roddick believes Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik Sinner, and Daniil Medvedev to be the new ‘sub-committee’ of BIG-3

The Big 3 of tennis- Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic are not there anymore, competing and luring fans into watching the game. While Federer retired a couple of years back, Nadal is not actively competing with injuries pegging him down.

Meanwhile, Djokovic is still there dominating the tour but he has competition from three players- Carlos Alcaraz , Jannik Sinner , and Daniil Medvedev .

All three players have defeated Djokovic in a Grand Slam final and are also making each other’s life tough, just like the Big 3 did in their time. This has tempted Andy Roddick to declare that Alcaraz, Sinner, and Medvedev have formed a “sub-committee” of Big 3.

After Jannik Sinner clinched the title in Miami and Alcaraz emerged victorious at the Indian Wells Open, Roddick seems highly impressed with these three players. The former American tennis ace while reviewing the Miami Open talked about the impact these three players are having currently on the tour.

Andy Roddick keeps Novak Djokovic adjacent to new sub-committee of Big 3

Andy Roddick talked about Novak Djokovic and how he is right up there while Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik Sinner, and Daniil Medvedev form a sub-committee of the Big 3. The former World No. 1 tennis player has said that in Djokovic’s absence, these three players have become the reliable ones.

There’s kind of a new Big 3 in men’s tennis, at least a Big 4, like Novak-adjacent. He’s still the best player on earth when everything is right, but Alcaraz, Sinner, Medvedev, in his absence, have almost created their little sub-committee of reliability. Andy Roddick said on Served with Andy Roddick.

Notably, in the six tournaments in which one of the three players participated, four were won by one of the three. While Sinner clinched the titles at the Australian Open, Rotterdam, and the Miami Open, Alcaraz won the title in Indian Wells.

Medvedev, meanwhile, made it to the finals in Australia and Indian Wells. The Russian ace also reached the semifinals in Dubai and Miami but has failed to win a title. Nevertheless, the World No. 4 has been pushing the other two players to their limits which has made him a part of the new Big 3.