The ‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel Will Have Even More Body Swapping Than The Original, According To Newly Revealed Plot Details

Are you confused about TikTok but still take the time to share nostalgia-ridden memes on Instagram? Do you get warm and fuzzy feelings thinking about old co-stars reuniting? Do you feel like the Crypt Keeper lately? Congrats! You’re getting old. It happens to us all, though you probably thought it wouldn’t catch up with you. As you get old, you begin to realize that sequels aren’t totally necessary, but they do give you a chance to relive your childhood, so sure, why shouldn’t we get another go at a 20-year-old movie?

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan starred in the 2003 comedy Freaky Friday, based on the novel of the same name, and the duo are hoping to get a little freakier. Curtis has been actively hoping for a sequel over the years, and now it’s really in the works.

Last week, Curtis shared a snap of herself with her former co-star, seemingly confirming that the two were on board for a sequel. This week, Entertainment Weekly has gotten a hold of the alleged plot and character descriptions that are being sent out to potential cast.

The story follows Anna (Lohan) as she prepares to marry a British restauranteur named Eric. Anna has her own 14-year-old daughter named Harper, while Eric has a teen named Lily. The two don’t meet eye-to-eye, much like Anna and her mom Tess (Curtis) did in the original flick.

While the script is not confirmed, EW has revealed various scenes, like one where Anna (as Harper) reflects on her past as a rockstar and a moment when Tess (as Lily) and Anna (as Harper) open up to each other during school detention. The script also states that “Harper should channel ‘Anna’ (Lindsay Lohan) and Lily should channel ‘Tess’ (Jamie Lee Curtis).” So it looks like it’ll be just as goofy as its predecessor.

The sequel, which doesn’t have a title yet so it still could technically be 2 Freaky 2 Friday, will be directed by Nisha Ganatra, who has worked on And Just Like That…and Brooklyn 99.

What movie should Jamie Lee revive next? She’s already done Halloween and The Haunted Mansion. Maybe there is a market for My Girl 3!

(Via EW)