Is ‘Law And Order: Organized Crime’ Cancelled?

It’s not a tale quite as old as time, but it sure feels like clockwork when Law & Order shows receive renewal orders. The tried-and-true franchise took those laps a few weeks ago with two of the currently running series, Law & Order: SVU and the recently revived Law & Order, were re-upped for more followup seasons. Yep, this means that we’ll receive much more of Mariska Haragitay and Ice-T putting offenders behind bars in SVU while Hugh Dancy keeps carrying the torch of the original series.

This will add up to the twenty-sixth season of SVU and twenty-fourth season of Law & Order, but what of the Christopher Meloni spinoff series, Organized Crime and a fifth season? The Elliot Stabler-focused series started out strong, but something must be amiss, and Variety reports that the series, which is churning through its fourth season, remains under deliberations at NBC:

Dick Wolf is in for another busy season at NBC. No surprise here, the Peacock network has renewed “Chicago Med,” “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago P.D.,” “Law & Order” and “Law & Order: SVU” for the 2024-25 broadcast TV season. Among Dick Wolf scripted series, that leaves just “Law & Order: Organized Crime” on the bubble; a renewal for that show, which has experienced multiple showrunner changes in its short life, is still in discussion.

So, what exactly is afoot? It doesn’t look good that several Dick Wolf series received simultaneous renewals, which feels like a customary practice, while Organized Crime was left dangling. I mean, franchise superfan Mickey Rourke might be crushed to hear this news, but if we want to point fingers here, let’s blame the fact that they dropped the hot octopus action. That was perhaps a mistake for the TV ages.

In all seriousness, if NBC does cancel Organized Crime, it would only make sense to put Stabler back on SVU. God only knows that people will keep tuning in to see if he and Olivia Benson will get married. After all, TV can seldom resist resolving Unresolved Sexual Tension, although c’mon Olivia, you can do better than a hothead.

(Via Variety)