Easter Brunch in Nashville erupted in Gunfire and a Manhunt

What began as a typical Easter brunch turned into a horrific scene after a gunman opened fire inside a Nashville restaurant leaving one person dead and several injured.

As of Monday, police say the alleged gunman is still on the loose.

According to Metro Nashville police, officers responded to shots fired at a restaurant named Roasted, which is located in Salemtown. The police department spokesperson said two men got into an argument at the restaurant. Suddenly, that argument quickly escalated into a frightening scene after one of the men allegedly pulled out a firearm and fatally shot 33-year-old Allen Beachem.


Witnesses told the police the shooting caused a panic resulting in patrons rushing to duck for cover or flee the property. Up to seven people were believed to suffer injuries as a result of the incident, including one individual who suffered a bullet graze wound and a pregnant woman who was hospitalized after having a panic attack.


The gunshots were so loud, people who weren’t even in the restaurant dove for cover.


Read more of what happened from The Tennessean:

A group of mothers in a nearby playground said they were watching children when about eight gunshots rattled the neighborhood.

“Everyone was grabbing the children and running or dropping on the ground,” said Dia Settle. “I got waves of chills because I could tell someone was hurt, just from the sound and that many gunshots.”

Settle said patrons in the restaurant, dressed in Sunday Easter clothes, rushed into the street, crying and screaming. She heard one person shout “breathe!” to someone on the ground. A barrage of ambulances took away multiple victims, they said, including a pregnant woman.

A neighbor, who asked not to be named, said he came outside after hearing the shots and saw a man walking away from the coffee shop with his young daughter. They were both crying and shaken.


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Photo: Metro Nashville Police Department

Thanks to surveillance cameras and social media, the gunman was identified as 46-year-old Anton Rucker. Police say he arrived to the restaurant with a woman in a grey Mercedes SUV with license plate #GLS-450.


Rucker was previously convicted of aggravated assault and gun charges in October, according to the Metro Nashville police. Mayor Freddie O’Connell said his office will work with local authorities and community leaders to figure out how to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. Meanwhile, the cops are on a manhunt for Mr. Rucker.

Anyone with information that can help police is asked to call the Metro Nashville Police Department 615-862-8600.