New York Sucker-Punch Attack Victims Meet Up for 1st Time

Young women who shared their stories about getting punched in the face by random men on the streets of New York were brought together for the first time to talk about their experiences.

Sterling Quinn, Marissa Herbert, Allison Hager, and Anika Hartje all became victims of the attack epidemic plaguing New York City.

Hager says she still flinches at the memory of being hit a month ago.

“That pain would come back. It was like a ghost pain would come back. It was terrifying,” Hager says.

Herbert was on the subway when she was attacked.

“I’m pretty tough but it brought tears to my eyes. It was a hard slap. It kind of felt like, ‘Did I imagine that?’ And then I woke up and I saw the bruise and I was like, ‘It did happen,’” Herbert says.

Hartje, a model, was attacked in broad daylight.

“I could sense that someone was quickly approaching from the other side of the street and I literally had one second to look and then I got punched in the side of my head,” Hartje says.

Quinn says it was comforting to hear Herbert, Hager and Hartje’s stories.

As word spreads about the attacks, many women are posting videos showing the precautions they are taking.

One woman shared with social media that she is ready to use her Stanley cup for self-defense.

Quinn, Herbert, Hager and Hartje are members of a sisterhood they never wanted to belong to.

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