More Detail on Why Whoopi Goldberg Was Forced to Pause ‘View’ When Audience Members Reportedly Have Physical Confrontation

Updated 3/28/24 at 1:33 p.m. ET

When we originally heard that Whoopi Goldberg had to pause an episode of “The View” to ask an audience member to stop recording, we thought it was as simple as someone who decided to break the rules. However, it now appears that the incident actually escalated to a physical confrontation, which is what led the EGOT winner to step in.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Brian Wilson, who was also reportedly in attendance during the taping, claimed that the man who was recording got into an argument with the two women sitting in front of him. Wilson recalled that during the “Hot Topics” segment, the man “had his camera out, and he was putting the camera over her head to get to view.” She became irritated with his behavior and things escalated. The women asked him to stop several times, tried to physically lower his camera and threatened to call security, but it sounds like the situation was out of control.


“Once I saw the flustering, I looked over, and I could see the guy has his camera out, the woman to his right is putting her hands on him, on the camera, to lower it down,” Wilson said. “She’s basically saying ‘Stop! Stop filming! Stop doing that! He aggressively nudges her hand away and was like, ‘No.’ He was not having. That’s when I was like, ‘Oh, this is bad.’”


At this point, Whoopi stepped in and admonished him. Wilson also revealed that once the show went to a commercial break, the man was warned by a crew member not to take his phone out again, and that was the end of things.


Seems like this was one episode of “The View” where there were more fireworks in the audience than there was on the show.

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Sometimes an experience is so special that you want to make sure you can look back on it and relive those memories. But before you get your phone out and start recording, you need to remember that not everyone involved will appreciate you documenting the moment. At a recent taping of “The View,” an audience member found this out the hard way.


During Tuesday’s episode of the daytime talk show, the hosts were in the middle of the “Hot Topics” segment when Whoopi Goldberg noticed an audience member recording. She quickly stopped the discussion professionally handled the situation.

“Hold on a second. Sir, I have to stop you with the camera because I can see you,” she said. “Do me a favor: Don’t pull it out again. I’d appreciate that. Thank you.”

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She didn’t raise her voice or give any attitude to the man—who was never shown on camera. She simply made a polite request of an audience member.


Anyone would get excited to be at a taping of “The View,” but it’s probably best to just take a photo like everyone else and enjoy the rest of the show. It will be on TV and the internet later, so why are you recording, Sir?

As if that wasn’t enough, the EGOT winner had a spicy moment with producers later in the segment. As they continued the discussion of Donald Trump’s many legal troubles, a producer wanted Whoopi to go to Sunny Hostin for a legal note that Trump has denied any wrongdoing in all 88 charges. The “Sister Act” star responded, “I’m going to get to her. My God guys, I’m going to get to her. May I finish my point or you want me to just jump now?”


This led co-host Joy Behar to jump in and warn everyone, “Whoopi is not in the mood today for your shenanigans!”

One: Whoopi couldn’t have handled this better. Confronting the person recording during the show, as opposed to during a commercial break, sends the message to future attendees that this is not acceptable or tolerated.


Two: We’ve told you time and time again, Whoopi is not one to play with.