Here’s Everything We Know About Beyoncé’s New ‘Cowboy Carter’ Album

With mere hours before Bey is set to usher all her U.S. fans into her country era with her forthcoming album “Cowboy Carter,” fans on the other side of the world are already venturing into the new music territory and putting out spoilers as to what we can expect.

Thanks to listeners in Australia and New Zealand, folks over in the western hemisphere of the world now have a better idea of what Bey’s #YeeHawAgenda will entail. And because we know y’all like spoilers just as much as we do, here’s a rundown of everything we’ve gathered…


Tracklist and Features

On Wednesday, the “Texas Hold’em” singer dropped what many believed to have been the tracklist for her upcoming album. Bey posted a graphic to her official Instagram with no caption (hence why it was initially hard to decipher, but it was later confirmed via multiple outlets.) But what remains to be a mystery is the exact type of mediums these titles are. Essentially, which ones are actual songs and which ones are interludes—and which of these have features on them, if any?


Well thanks to the New Zealand/Australia Beyhive, we now know that artists such as Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, Willie Jones, Willie Nelson and Tanner Adell will be featured artists on the song. See their specific songs below:

II MOST WANTED feat. Miley Cyrus

LEVII’S JEANS feat. Post Malone

SPAGHETTII feat. Shaboozey

SMOKE HOUR II feat. Willie Nelson

DOLLY P feat. Dolly Parton

YAYA feat. Willie Jones

BLACKBIIRD feat. Tanner Adell

Brand Engagement/Involvement

Naturally, with anything Bey does, it causes conversation and presents a chance for other people and brands to hop on board and capitalize on the momentum. In the case of “Cowboy Carter,” several brands have already put on their riding boots either in direct connection to the album or inspired actions based off the album. Chief among those brands is Uber, who teased a forthcoming announcement slated to drop on Thursday. The big reveal? 16% (up to $16 off) of Uber rides for those headed to Cowboy Carter listening parties and the like. The promotion likely inspired by Bey’s single “16 Carriages” and runs through 3/28-3/30. However, some fans online were severely underwhelmed with the offering.


“I’m about to download Lift [sic], y’all just pissed me off,” wrote one user.

“Gon girl, give us nothing,” said another.

Even rival rideshare app Lyft chimed in with their displeasure and shade: “Crumbs were left.” (If you don’t know what this phrase means, please go find your nearest “geriatric Millennial or Gen Zer and have them explain. I don’t have time to do it here, Bey is coming!”)


Aside from the rideshare rodeo, other brands like Levi’s Jeans have momentarily changed the spelling of their iconic brand to pay homage to the track “”Levii’s Jeans.”


Even kids toy brand Strawberry Shortcake has entered her Yee-Haw era.

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Screenshot: Instagram/Strawberry Shortcake


Target has also joined in on the Bey’s cowboy hype by selling an exclusive edition of “Cowboy Carter”, which is set to include an additional bonus track, original demo and new artwork and poster. It will go live on Friday once the album has officially been released.


Of course, this won’t be all the goodness that accompanies this album, so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled!