Jasmine Guy Just Made a Big Point About Bill Cosby and ‘HBCUs.’ Do You Agree?

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Photo: Paras Griffin (Getty Images)

Jasmine Guy is speaking her mind on Bill Cosby’s legacy—and she hopes that his infamous crimes won’t completely tarnish it. In a recent interview, the “A Different World” star remained adamant about things Cosby has done for the Black community—especially when it comes to historically black colleges and universities.

Guy told Page Six that Cosby, who has been accused of rape, sexual harassment and sexual assault by more than 60 women, has helped raise the visibility of HBCUs.


“I hope his work survives, the legacy of his work. The reason we’re on an HBCU campus is because of Cosby’s idea. He’s brilliant to set it that way because he’s sending out a message without saying it, or broadcasting it,” Guy said. On “A Different World,” students went to the fictional HBCU Hillman College.


“He put HBCUs on the map,” Guy continued. “Especially on the West Coast. People had never heard of it because they don’t have Black colleges on the West Coast.”


Cosby went to jail in 2018 for the 2004 aggravated indecent assault of Andrea Constand. However, was released three years later after his conviction was overturned.

Guy also acknowledged the way Cosby talked to Black men was degrading—he infamously has said they need to “pull up their pants” and be respectable. “Encourage them to get their education, but don’t put down their style,” Guy stated.


“The Hip-Hop generation has its own vibe and language just like we did and they did in the 60s, and it could have been a moment for him to be more supportive than adding to that language of putting people down because they’re from the hood.”

Cosby’s work is irrefutable, but to say his behavior shouldn’t harm his legacy is a larger conversation entirely.