I’m 37, 5’9” & chubby – I can’t justify spending £1.8k on a wedding dress, but a friend says my high street find ages me

A BRIDE-to-be has revealed that she is unsure about the dress she plans to wear on her big day, after a friend told her that the gown “ages” her.

The 37 year old bride, was planning on wearing a £199 frock from Coast on her special day.

The bride wants to wear this dress from Coast on her big day


The bride wants to wear this dress from Coast on her big dayCredit: Coast
The bride-to-be said that finding a wedding dress is "hard"


The bride-to-be said that finding a wedding dress is “hard”Credit: Getty

The long white dress has see through, flowing sleeves, and is embroidered with an elegant leaf pattern.

Posting on Mumsnet, she said: “I’m thinking of wearing this for my wedding.

“My friend thinks it ages me considerably.

“The wedding is going to be informal and low key.”

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She added: “Why is it so hard to find a dress.

“I feel like it should be bloody easy, They are all beautiful.

“I just feel a full on dress is too much.”

The woman then described herself as being 5″9, “with a smallish bust and a chubbier than I’d like hourglass shape”.

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She said that she liked the Coast dress, and thought it looked good on her.

The woman added that she had also spotted a £1,800 wedding dress, which she loved, but said she can’t justify the cost.

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The bride to be then asked Mumsnet users how old they thought someone who would wear the Coast dress would be, and whether it would suit her.

Mumsnet users flooded the replies section with their thoughts.

One user said: “Honestly, it could be anything from 18 and hippy, to 80 and covering their arms.

“Is it your style? Do you love it? And is this friend really a friend or just imposing their taste on you?”

Another user added: “Not so much an age thing, per se, as much as a ‘figure’ one.

“You would have to be tall, willowy and slim to wear it in my opinion.

“Also, I wouldn’t imagine any woman under 35 wearing it, as it’s a teeny bit frumpy.

“I think most shorter women – 5″6 and under would look a bit dumpy in this.

“Personally I wouldn’t wear it. (I am 5″4 and a curvy size 16).

“You’re 5″9 though, so you should be OK”.

Why is it so hard to find a dress


Another user said: “I think it’s lovely and ageless.


“Wear what you feel good in and don’t worry about clothes ageing you when you are only 37!”

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