Use of fat-dissolving injections that can ‘cause your flesh to ROT’ is nearing ‘crisis point’, medics warn

A VIRAL TikTok beauty trend could cause rotting flesh and is nearing “crisis point”, medics told The Sun.

Lemon Bottle injections are all the rage on social media, with the company claiming they can help dissolve fat in problem areas.

Complaints against Lemon Bottle fat dissolvers have surged over the last year


Complaints against Lemon Bottle fat dissolvers have surged over the last yearCredit:

However, reports of safety issues with the product have increased over the last few years, with claims it has caused bruising, swelling, infections and even necrosis — when flesh starts to rot.

Save Face, a Government-approved register for medical aesthetic treatments, told The Sun it’s seen 15 complaints made in January alone.

Last year it received at least 90, up from just one in the whole of 2022.

Ashton Collins, director of Save Face, said: “It is not clear what ingredients are actually in the product or what safety and efficacy trials have been undertaken. 

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“We are incredibly alarmed about the growing number of ‘fat dissolving’ products available in the UK and we have contacted the UK medicines regulator, the MHRA, on several occasions to share our concerns. 

“We firmly believe that these products need to be reclassified as medicines as they are injected and have a physiological action. 

“Unless action is taken, it will reach crisis point.”

Some TikTok users have complained about suffering painful side effects including jaw ache and swelling.

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One said: “I had it done on my chin. I’ve had massive pain on my left side of face near jaw up towards my ear. I can’t open my mouth to eat solid food.” 

Another wrote: “Second round for me, and I’ve swelled up massive again — I currently look like a frog. Took three to four days last time for it to go down.”

And another said: “I injected in my chin recently. My tongue at the side went numb and I felt a heavy ache in my jaw whilst applied.”

Viral claims

Lemon Bottle is a so-called fat dissolving injection made by Sid Medicos, based in Seoul, South Korea.

The company says it causes “minimal swelling, minimal pain” and contains all natural ingredients, unlike other fat dissolvers on the market that have substances like deoxycholic acid.

Lemon Bottles ingredients include bromelain, riboflavin and lecithin, but a full list is not available.

The serum is injected into an area of “stubborn fat” on the face or body, the company says.

Videos on TikTok advertising the jabs have been viewed more than 81.5million times.

However, experts have raised concerns about the product’s safety and effectiveness, with little research being available to prove it works and isn’t dangerous.

Naveen Cavale, a plastic surgeon at REAL Clinic, said he would “advise caution” to people considering using the jabs.

I would personally advise caution to anyone thinking about Lemon Bottle injections

Naveen CavaleREAL Clinic

He said: “It’s being touted as the fastest fat dissolver there is, but it doesn’t appear to have clinical evidence behind it to lay claim to this.

“My advice would be don’t rush in for it. It still needs assessing and regulating before it would appear on my personal roster of treatments. 

“It might turn out to be great, it might also be a disaster, so I would personally say it’s not worth rolling the dice.”

He added: “Trends come and go, so I would personally advise caution to anyone thinking about Lemon Bottle injections.”


A spokesperson for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said it is aware of Lemon Bottle but has determined it is not a medical product or medical device.

Sid Medicos was approached for comment.


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