Trump, Whose Brain Is Definitely Not Mush, Thinks Democrats Will Change The Name Of Pennsylvania For Some Reason

Joe Biden’s age and mental faculties have come under increased scrutiny of late. But what about the guy who will likely square off against him in November? For months Donald Trump has been having one bizarre gaffe after another, including forgetting World War II already happened and showing he knows less about magnets than Insane Clown Posse. And what on earth is up with this?

Per Insider, the former president was in Pennsylvania bragging about how he “did nothing” to stop a historic wave of gun violence during his lone term in office. He also made a surreal claim about what could happen to the Keystone State.

“We have to win in November, or we’re not going to have Pennsylvania. They’ll change the name.,” Trump told the crowd. “They’re going to change the name of Pennsylvania.”

What on earth is he talking about? Probably a report from a few years back that some schools in California were dropping from their names references to certain older presidents who had a connection to slavery. Trump apparently thought the state named for founder William Penn was next.

“All over the country, they’re taking the name of George Washington off high schools and other things,” Trump said. “That’s one even I thought was safe. Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Their names are now in danger.”

If there’s even a concerted effort to rename Pennsylvania, it’s news to anyone who’s not Trump, who’s also been horrified when Confederate statues have been toppled. Not that there’s any chance an entire state will change its name, but that’s not the point. It’s all about scaring his base, who will believe anything said by the guy who’s not even sure who’s president right now.

(Via Insider)