Tasteful or Tacky? Inside Drake’s Luxurious $185 Million-Private Jet … Yes, THAT Jet

Image for article titled Tasteful or Tacky? Inside Drake's Luxurious $185 Million-Private Jet ... Yes, THAT Jet

It has been an interesting week for rapper Drake—if you know you know. After several alleged antics online and on stage, the “Hotline Bling” rapper recently snapped pictures from his private jet, seemingly unbothered by his name trending on social media for several days and being the subject of several hilarious new memes. (A simple search on X and you will find them).


At any rate, it must be nice to be a multimillionaire and flex your customized plane in the midst of all the chaos. In 2019, Drake was gifted with a $185 million private Boeing 767 plane by Canadian airline company, Cargojet. And while we are sure he has done more than a few design upgrades that only a Champagne Papi could appreciate, here’s a general idea of what you’ll find inside taken from a video tour of the plane.

(And be sure to vote tasteful or tacky once you’ve seen it all.)

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