GDWC Finalist, Updates and Socials


Transporter is a Game Development World Championship 2023 Winter Season Finalist in the Procedural Generation Award category!

When I started this project a few years ago, I knew almost nothing about procedural generation, so starting from scratch and creating something that’s a finalist at the world’s largest gamedev competition feels really exciting.

You can check out the other amazing indie game finalists at and the event will be livestreamed on Youtube

1920x1080 C


The initial Early Access launch was far from smooth and constantly being two months behind schedule really showed. With a couple of months of constant work to improve the game, the recent February update helped to work out a lot of the initial problems and make the current version a lot more stable.

Apart from tons of bugfixes, there were some things greatly improved since launch.

  • Massively improved road system and vehicle pathfinding.
  • Ways to show new path or current path of a vehicle.
  • New road placement options (Only In/Only Out station connections to direct traffic flow, One-sided road connections to better connect main roads without disrupting traffic)
  • Improved railway signals with better visual representation of signal blocks.
  • Better railway placement.
  • Completely new ship navigation and avoidance system.

With the main game in much better shape and most bugfixes out of the way, I’m very excited to finally be able to start adding new content and gameplay elements. So expect more, hopefully, more exciting updates soon.

Screenshot 2024 02 10

Screenshot 2024 02 10

Transporter on Twitter

Speaking of upcoming updates, I finally got access to my old twitter account, so might be a good place to follow the game’s progress, updates, and news. Even tho I’m absolutely awful with social media, I’m trying to be better, so please share the game or support the Early Access and help me create the next chapter in Transport Management Sim genre.

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