A short playable preview will come in an update on 27th March

We are happy to announce that you will be able to try the features of the recasted version of Drifter’s Tales in an upcoming prologue.

Explore the very first level of the game – which won’t be the first to play

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The prologue will take you in an area you already saw on other marketing materials and trailers. In this prologue, you will be able to do all the things you will normally do in a playthrough of the recasted version, such as trading, exploring, opening chests, finding encounters, etc. We also integrated a battle that will allow you to test the fresh-looted cards you had.

Your character will have more gems to allow you to buy more cards and try some deck builds.

The documentary

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Because this is more than “a story” you can try, we integrated in the prologue some developers’ comments about how & why we made the recasted version. People interested in how indie developers are making games would be interested in that documentary, full of archives from our Game Design Document and early prototypes.

How to launch the prologue & limitations


After updating your game on Steam through the usual process, you will see a new button in the game title screen labelled “Play to Recasted: Prologue”. Choosing this action will launch the standalone prologue level through a new process and close the legacy game automatically.

If the prologue cannot be launched (some configurations can prevent a game to launch another .exe file), you can find it under [your-game-directory]/prologue/drifters_tales.exe

You will also have some limitations due to the standalone nature of the prologue:

  • No options (language, sound, graphics)

  • The language will be selected automatically according to your system configuration

  • No save data

  • You won’t have access to 29 cards: the ones given at the end of a level, the enhanced versions of the starting cards, the cards obtained with The Storyteller and the advanced cards of the origins.

What’s next?

After the prologue, we will continue the development of the recasted version as we had to before Steam decided to delete our game. We will also continue to polish the demo we had to release during the Steam Next Fest and release it on early June as announced previously.

We are so closed to the end of the development of the recasted version! As we are writing those lines, we finished 3/4 of the production of the game, and we will go to the post-production polish end of May.

We will continue to post updates to keep you informed about our progresses.



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