New Mexico Police Officers Will Not Be Charged in Fatal Shooting at Wrong House

A man was killed after police went to the wrong home to investigate a domestic violence report and opened fire on a married couple inside. The widow is speaking out after it was announced that the officers will not face charges.

Bodycam footage shows police officers knocking on a door and realizing they were at the wrong house. The 911 call came from across the street.

As the officers in Farmington, New Mexico, began to leave, the homeowner appeared at the door carrying a gun.

Robert Dotson, 52, was fatally shot on the spot.

The homeowner’s wife appeared at the door screaming. She was also carrying a gun. She started to fire at the officers and they fired back

Kimberly Dotson was not hit. When she realized it was the police, the ER nurse put the gun down and attempted to save her husband’s life.

“I worked on my husband for seven-and-a-half minutes before I realized I couldn’t save him,” Kimberly tells Inside Edition.

Ten months after the incident, it was announced that the officers involved would not be charged.

“Although the officers erroneously approached the wrong house,” their actions were “reasonable, appropriate and consistent with generally accepted police practices,” according to the state attorney general.

Kimberly tells Inside Edition she was devastated after learning the New Mexico Department of Justice was not going to press charges against the officers.

“I feel they are held to a different standard than the rest of us,” Kimberly says. “We thought that we were being broken into or under attack. We weren’t quite sure.”

Kimberly says her husband came to the door with a gun because their home had been broken into before. She says the lights from the police blinded him and that he never would have shot at them as they have a son who is a police officer.

“They took him as a threat and he was the most gentle, loving man anyone would ever meet,” Kimberly says.

Dotson’s family has filed a civil lawsuit against the police department.

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