‘Brilliant for the price’ say Amazon shoppers as 43-inch Fire TV slashed from £430 to £270

AMAZON has dropped prices across a range of smart devices, including its range of smart 4K Fire televisions.

The most exciting discount is on the 43-inch 4-Series Fire TV, which has been slashed from £429.99 to £269.99.

Amazon has dropped the cost of the 43-inch set from its 4-Series Fire TV line by 33% this February


Amazon has dropped the cost of the 43-inch set from its 4-Series Fire TV line by 33% this February
  • Amazon 4-Series 43-inch Fire TV, £269.99 (was £429.99) – buy here

My general advice to all shoppers is to avoid buying a Fire TV at full price – Amazon puts all its tech sale on a semi-regular basis.

This isn’t quite the cheapest price we’ve seen on this smaller-size TV (£249.99 last October), but this is still an impressive sale price.

Other models from the 4-Series range are also on sale: the 50-inch TV has fallen from £499.99 to £349.99, and the larger 55-inch TV has dropped from £549.99 to £379.99.

Despite those plummeting prices, I wouldn’t suggest buying a bigger television just for the heck of it – make sure you’re picking a TV that’s the appropriate size for the room.

(There’s actually an optimum screen-size-to-viewing-distance ratio to help you choose – I explain more in my what size TV should I buy guide.)

Amazon’s 4-Series line is an unapologetically affordable range of televisions.

These 4K sets come with the built-in Fire streaming platform for easy access to Netflix, Prime Video (well, obviously), Disney+ and the like.

Naturally, Amazon Alexa comes built-in: by tapping a button on the remote, you can get the Fire TV to dim smart lights, or relay the feed from your Ring Video Doorbell.

It’s racked up an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 on the Amazon website, alongside widely positive reviews from customers.

‘Brilliant for the price!’ says one buyer on the Amazon site. ‘A 55-inch 4K TV for £379? Hmmm, OK I thought to myself, it ain’t going to be great at that price… How wrong was I?

‘Picture quality is brilliant. Colours vibrant, clear, sharp and on-point.’

Discounts have also been dropped across the Omni range, Amazon’s higher-end television line, with the 43-inch Omni Fire TV reduced from £549.99 to £399.99.

That obviously makes it a lot pricier than its 4-Series equivalent, but it comes with an higher-grade OLED screen and a few extra frills and features.

To see how the two ranges compare in capabilities and features, read tech writer Tom Tyers’s Amazon Fire TV Omni Series vs Fire TV 4-Series guide.

  • Amazon 4-Series 43-inch Fire TV, £269.99 (was £429.99) – buy here

Fire TVs aren’t the only items on sale: Amazon has also slashed its line of Fire TV Sticks – a solid choice if you can’t afford a new television but want the streaming capabilities.

Earlier this week, we also spotted a superb deal on the Blink Mini indoor security camera, which has been reduced from £60 to £42.



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