Alvara Udpdates and change diary

Hello everyone,

Alvara is back with some significant updates to announce. Let’s start from the beginning: the Alvara team has recently welcomed a new collaborator, Petrus, whose expertise in the field of video games is reflected in the new visuals.

So what’s new?

Visuals are not the only addition by Petrus. Together, we’ve worked on making the game more interactive. Previously, Alvara was a rich world but strangely empty. So, we set out to populate it: objects, plants, rocks, and more. As a result, the universe is much more alive, and most importantly, many objects are now interactive.

[embedded content]

You can pick them up to forge items or craft potions! The forging system, although it existed from the beginning, is being perfected. Additionally, alchemy is making its debut in Alvara.

InGameForge Copie

What else?

Now, you’ll have the opportunity to share much more with your team. In the camps, you can choose to sacrifice some of your rest time to chat with your companions. Whether it’s for small concerns or real grievances, these discussions may even lead to new quests!

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Anything more?

What else can I say, except that the universe is now unveiling itself further, thanks to an encyclopedia that fills up as you make discoveries and progress. Furthermore, a calendar system has been introduced: now, Alvarian festivals as well as the world’s history that you discover are associated with key dates. But this new temporal dimension also creates pressure: some NPCs will ask you to complete missions within a given deadline.


You want more ?

The graphical aspect is being improved: menu harmonization, new graphical identity, and so on. And most importantly, new maps are planned for the next update.




Village 1




For now, these new features are in the beta testing phase, which may take some time. But we are confident in the upcoming announcement of the launch of the game’s sequel, which will resemble a true rebirth!

See you soon!

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P.S.: As always, English is not our native language, so we strive to translate as accurately as possible, but thank you in advance for excusing any difficult-to-understand phrases or expressions!